Thank you for your interest in applying to MAC Islamic School!

For the first stage of the admission process, please fill the registration form below.

The annual tuition fees for MAC Islamic School of Calgary are shown in the table below.

Tuition Type KG (Full-Day) Grade 1 – Grade 3
Tuition for 1st Child $2000 CAD $2000 CAD
Tuition for 2nd Child $1750 CAD $1750 CAD
Tuition for 3rd Child and above $1500 CAD $1500 CAD

After you submit, you will be prompted to a $100 registration fee which will be applied to the annual tuition.

Registrants will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis. If the school application is refused for any reason, the admission deposit will be fully refunded. However, if the parent decides to cancel his or her child’s registration, the admission deposit will not be refunded.

  • Fees may be paid as monthly instalments or per-semester instalments.
  • Eligible families may apply for “MAC Education Fund” for financial discounts. While filling the registration form below, please indicate in the corresponding checkbox if you require a financial discount, and we will get back to you later with the eligbility criteria and application form for “MAC Education Fund”.
  • Inshallah we will be providing bussing services from third-party companies for the students. Please indicate in the registration form below if you need bus transportation for your child. Bussing expenses have not yet been finalized, but they are expected to be around $1500 per student per year.